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Simple plugin that plays a random music at the end of a round Also, if you want to set the sound files you want for each map or each map. In the chat !res or /res - to enable or disable Round End Sounds "120" sm_res_announceevery "120" // Enable/disable round end sound. As a simple description of the effect the ISA Preamp added to their sound recordings. Round Trip Latency (ms) tested at 96kHz on OS 10.11 and Mac Pro. Stops standard CSGO round end sound. Stops map musics to prevent play of two songs at the same time. (Thanks to GoD-Tony). Type !res to choose if you want.

Do you struggle to get bass guitar to sound right? Is it always either too loud or too thin or too boomy or too round? We've all been there. On some projects the.

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