Русский вариант шаблона ja purity ii, фильм мгла стивен кинг онлайн в хорошем качестве

11 users say Thank You to Hung Dinh for this useful post. Hans Zuidinga · jentekk · gbr007 · kasssim · jpajillc · gianluca84 · martix. JA Purity II was first released in Aug 2009 as T3 Framework 1 and is bundled as T3 Framework 1 for J 1.5.x and now upgraded to work with T3 Framework 2 for. If we upgrade to the Purity 3 template will the site still work or will we JA Purity III will support all J 3.x versions as and when they are released. It gives me great pleasure to announce JA Purity II, released under GPL license. We have made lots and lots of improvement. First was to shift.

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